The origins of forecasting the future can be traced back to many ancient civilizations found right here on planet earth. Inspired by the common sense of mother nature, and the elements of behavior, was built to produce exclusive personal development reports for private clients.

We use proven 2500 year old mathematical forecasting methods, and techniques. Our predictive analytics knowledge base is the engine of our report content.

Our mission is to increase awareness regarding the benefits of self knowledge, and the dramatic key role it plays to create the perfect environment to exercise free will.

Over time, we can all learn how to balance, and integrate both the positive, and negative forces within our personality. This usually happens through foresight, impartial observation, or time consuming trial, and error.

Everyone has a Phoenix in them ready to rise from the ashes. Understanding this idea is the first step toward the great work of renewing our self, and improving our life experience. ALCHEMY reports facilitate this process.

We have strict privacy rules, and no social media accounts. This policy is reviewed by our membership from time to time. Any changes will be posted to our privacy page.